7 Sports Bras That Could Double as Sexy Lingerie

They're perfect for your sweat sesh...in the sack.

Like those young fellas from One Direction, it's become hard to ignore how sexy sports bras have become in the last year. Strappy, leathery, ready for sweating, these hot AF boulder holders belong in both your gym bag AND your lingerie drawer. Double your pleasure, baby.

Lace 'Em Up

Whether you're heading to a dance fitness class or nailing an "I'm a Slave for You" striptease, this tie-em-up bra is a bold option.
Lovers + Friends Prima lace up bra, $86, revolve.com

Frisky Faux Leather

The faux leathery look will have him saying "grr, baby." Plus, it's got a crazy strappy back that will help you channel your inner Anastasia Steele. Note: This bra runs smaller, so you may want to consider different sizes for different activities (a little larger for the treadmill, a little smaller for reverse cowgirl).
Onzie elastic bra, $45, onzie.com

Get Meshy

It's basically fishnets for your boobs. The bra features removable cups so you can push 'em up or let the tatas fly free. We recommend these for a hardcore cycling class (especially if your instructor crush is teaching) or any kind of sweaty, heart-pounding cardio... if you know what we mean. (We know you do.)
Michi Bionic bra, $103, bandier.com


Um, who hasn't ever had the urge to role play a fembot? This hot metallic number does cover a little more skin, but its skin-tight look leaves basically nothing to the imagination.
Alaia cami bra, $75, bandier.com

Valentine-Worthy Velvet

At first glance, you might be surprised that this is an actual sports bra, but this little number apparently offers lots of support and is meant to look hot peaking out from under a tank. (But we'd rather wear it solo for sexy time.)
Blue Life Fit strappy bra, $77, bluelifefit.com

Peep Show

For a look that will make him say "BOOBS!" this showstopper is a solid bet. The laser cut bra shows major cleavage while giving those girls a lift.
Solow laser cut bra, $64, solowstyle.com

Master of Disguise

Just four inches of zip stand between a HIIT class and the after party (in your pants). When it comes undone, all that's left is a super-hot bra. We wouldn't expect anything less from the sexy people at Victoria's Secret.
Victoria's Secret Knockout front-close wireless sport bra, $56 to $65, victoriassecret.com