The Shoes to Buy for Fall 2016

What to wear this fall? As the season changes, there are new trends of dresses, makeup, shoes, and handbags. Which trends of shoes are going to hit this fall 2016? This time, the fashion runways have welcomed the comeback of 70’s style for a modern vibe. Here I am going to give you some of the best shoe ideas for this fall.

Lace up Ankle Boots $995

With tulle and skirt dresses, lace-up ankle boots are an ultimate choice also displayed in the fashion 2016 runways. The block heel ankle boots feature tonal laces that cover the front area of the boots. Laces have been designed following a bow structure at the back of the shoes.

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Platform Leather Ankle Boots $1,135

Platform leather ankle boots are highly comfortable as you can walk in them easily. The pair of platform ankle boots has been designed in a new edgy design. This pair features a sky-scraping heel structure. You can pair the ankle boots for a slim look trousers as well as with skirts.

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Crystal Embellished Flats $655

Flats are the super comfortable shoes and the best choice to wear anytime with any outfit. Flats have made a remarkable comeback in 2016. The pair of flat pumps in pink color is a standout piece of fashion. At the front, the flats have been designed with a crystal bow design. The features you will love are the laces. Get the shoes designed with a metallic heel structure and look more feminine.

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New Platform Slippers $1000

When we need to walk for many miles, we choose always slippers to wear. Slippers are the most on trend shoes for fall 2016. This pair of soft slippers has been delicately crafted from shearling in different colors. The elasticated leather slingback strap has been attached with for providing you a secure fit while walking.

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Embroidered Velvet Ankle Boots $990

What about trying something warm such as velvet boots this fall? These ankle boots are made of velvet and have been designed with embroidery work. You will love the warm burgundy tone. Floral motifs have been added for a feminine glow. The block heel structure will provide you the lift you require. Get them to pair with denim pants.

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Platform Knee Ankle Boots $1,590

Do you have a pair of knee ankle boots in your wardrobe? Knee ankle boots are also a sophisticated choice for this fall. These are the trendiest fashion pieces and we all love to wear them as these are versatile too. Trendy leather knee ankle boots in white color have a clean and a balanced structure. The pair is a perfect choice to get for an all-white look this fall.

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