30 Outfits That’ll Put a Smile on Your Face Stat

Summer is here. But if that alone doesn't put a smile on your face, you need a little help from your good old wardrobe. Whether you just can't kick the gloom that's been hanging over you or you're fresh out of a relationship feeling heartbroken, listen here. More often than not, one outfit has the power to alter your mood entirely.

Whether it's because you're showing off a breezy new dress, vibrant in color and striking in print, or you've finally made the designer purchase you've been holding out for, there are plenty of pieces that will make you want to be looked at. (Not sweats, which just might invite laziness).

Take a tip from the style moments ahead and pull out your power skirt. Then, don't overthink the accessorizing. A candy-coated clutch doesn't feel too kitschy when you're holding your head high and standing tall in your power pumps. Girl, it's a brand-new day, and you're about to go get 'em.

1.A Flattering Printed Jumpsuit With a Peekaboo Detail That Shows Off Your Curves

2.A Side-Slit Top That Makes You Feel Sexy and Shoes That Let You Show Off Your Pedicure

3.Tailored Pants and Feminine Tops — the Best of Both Worlds

4.That Jacket You Own That No One Else Has — Except Your Own Best Friend

5.Something With a Strappy, Open Back That Will Invite Endless Compliments

6.A Cutout Gown That Breezes in the Wind and Makes You Feel Girlie

7.A Wraparound Scarf, Strappy Heels, and a Slinky Dress